Twentieth Century Anglican Theologians

Book release | Twentieth Century Anglican Theologians: From Evelyn Underhill to Esther Mombo

A new publication by Professor Stephen Burns.

With contributions from an international panel of writers, Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologians offers a wide-ranging survey of over twenty different Anglican thinkers.

The first of its kind, this volume reflects the diversity within the Anglican tradition by considering its global theological representatives. It includes many prominent women Anglican thinkers, from Evelyn Underhill, the first woman to teach the clergy of the Church of England, to Esther Mombo, a major contemporary Anglican figure, from Kenya. Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologians explores familiar figures like William Temple, Austin Farrer, Donald MacKinnon, and John A.T. Robinson, as well as others that are little known. These theologians are set in a wider context alongside others from India, China, Australia, Ghana, and elsewhere.

This work is ideal for students and teachers of Anglicanism, Anglican clergy, and ecumenical colleagues. The rich diversity of Anglican theology in a single scholarly volume.

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Stephen Burns is Professor of Liturgical and Practical Theology in the University of Divinity. He is also Coordinator of Ministry Studies at Pilgrim Theological College, where he accompanies the candidates for public ministries of the church, and teaches across worship and ministry units.

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