Teaching Conference

Academic Staff of the University of Divinity are gathered this morning (Wednesday 7 November) at Eporo Tower in Melbourne CBD for the annual Teaching Conference.

Sessions are being live-streamed and links for video replay will be added here throughout the day.


Session One (9:40-11:15am)

  • Welcome (Gary Heard)
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Educations – Context and Realities (John Capper)
  • Keynote: Intercultural learning and teaching: An East Asian experience (Siu Fung Wu)


Session Two (11:30-12:35pm)

  • Keynote: Celebrating Aboriginality and our context (Naomi Wolfe/Mark Brett)
  • Panel and discussion: Lessons from thinking cross-culturally for inclusion (Monica Melanchthon, Chris Monaghan, Robyn Reynolds and Deborah Storie)


Session Three (2:00-4:00pm)

  • Panel and discussion: Celebrating our experience and practice of inclusion (Chris Monaghan, Christine Unicomb, Michael Loughnane and David Janssen)
  • Worship
  • Four useful ARK ideas and how to use them (Carolyn Alsen, Kerrie Handasyde, Rohan Edmeades, John Capper)
  • State of the University (Peter Sherlock)

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