Semester One results

The official publication of results for semester one is today* (Friday 8 July 2022). Please note that students with an extension or who studied an intensive unit with non-standard dates may have different dates for the publication of their results.

Prof Albert P. Haddad, Professor of Higher Education and Dean of Academic Programs at the University sends a message of congratulations on behalf of the University to all students:

Congratulations to all our hard working students on your diligence, perseverance, and hard work in Semester 1. As we emerged from the last two years of lockdowns and online learning, it was very pleasing to see many of you attending your campuses and meeting others face to face. I hope that challenges all students and staff faced in the last two years have been transforming. I congratulate you on your resilience and stickability as you focused on your studies and now have finished semester 1 2022. Well done and blessings for your next steps.”

To see your results, log in to ARK.


For help

Check with your home college or program provider if you have any questions about your results or how to access them.

Other important dates

For more important dates such as application for Semester 2 dates, see the Key Dates page on the University of Divinity website.

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