Semester 2 unit | Deutero-Isaiah

Come and explore the phenomenon of Israelite prophesy during the sixth century BCE, focussing on the prophetic material found in the book of Isaiah.

While expanding your Old Testament theology, this unit will also help you recognise various literary forms and assist with the interpretation of selected biblical texts.

You will not only examine the texts, but will also take into account the historical, cultural, religious, literary and theological aspects of the text. Come find out how these texts have been used by New Testament authors to explain the Gospel.

Unit details

College Eva Burrows College
Lecturer Reverend Dr Arseny Ermakov
Level Level 3 Undergraduate

Level 9 Postgraduate

Study Mode Online
Unit Codes BA3123B – Undergraduate

BA9123B – Postgraduate

Contact EBC Registrar Norman registrar@ebc.edu.au to enrol in this dynamic unit, or visit our website for more information:

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