Seeking Supervisees

Update: 7 September 2021. All spaces have now been filled.

Are you interested in being professionally supervised?

On zoom, at a time that suits you, and free of charge!

The University of Divinity’s Professional Supervision Program is offering an opportunity to students and staff of the University who wish to participate as supervisees:

  • being supervised by one of the experienced people who are currently studying in the Professional Supervision graduate courses
  • over a sequence of up to 5x one-hour-long individual supervision sessions with the same supervisor
  • during Semester Two this year starting September, at agreed times, on zoom
  • the sessions are not observed or recorded, and the supervisee is not required to give feedback afterwards
  • details of the sessions remain confidential in accordance with a supervision agreement
  • Professional Supervision engages with you in your situation, with what you are experiencing or encountering in your role. The supervisory dynamic is a process of consideration through a range of ways, through systemic, contextual, personal, and theological engagement.
  • Your reason for wishing to experience professional supervision may be related to your volunteer work, rather than your work as student or staff member.
  • To be noted: If you are a student this opportunity to be supervised must not be used as part of the required work in a unit of study.

A Professional Supervisor has knowledge, skills, and experience to provide a structured relationship of trust and transparency in which supervisees can review how they fulfil their role. The relationship of supervisor with supervisees is intentional and compassionate and focused.

Professional Supervision is increasingly valued in all the helping professions. The University of Divinity Professional Supervision courses qualify people to become professional supervisors, equipping them to supervise others in a wide range of areas including:

  • ministry
  • chaplaincy
  • health
  • education
  • leadership and governance
  • intercultural and mission organisations
  • administration and finance.

To express interest or for more information please email: asmith@divinity.edu.au Amanda Smith, Professional Supervision Program Committee, and Dr Cath McKinney, Professional Supervision Program Coordinator.

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