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The University of Divinity has a long tradition of research excellence, and produces world-class research in all theological disciplines. A vibrant research culture is actively fostered through publications, conferences, seminars and visiting scholars. Many of our graduates have gone on to academic positions in Australia and overseas, and the University has a success rate of more than 80% and a completion rate well above the national average.
It is a particular delight to congratulate each HDR graduate, receiving their award during our 2017-2018 graduation season

Master of Philosophy

  • Philip Laurence Nicholls, Trinity College Theological School, Thesis: The Liturgical Music of Inner-City Melbourne Anglican Worshipping Communities

Master of Theology (Research)

  • Helen Mary Delaney, Catholic Theological College, Thesis: Great Talent for Management: Mother Xavier Maguire c1819-1879


Doctor of Philosophy

  • Carolyn Elizabeth Alsen, Whitley College, Thesis: Polyvisual Narratology: A Postcolonial Feminist Reading of the Ancestral Narratives in Genesis
  • Brian Joseph Gallagher, Yarra Theological Union, Thesis: Discernment of Spirits: the Corner-stone of Formation of Spiritual Directors
  • Gareth Simon Graham Grainger, Catholic Theological College, Thesis: Holy Land and Holy See
  • San Lian, Yarra Theological Union, Thesis: Christian-Buddhist Dialogue in Myanmar: A Spirituality of involvement in Social and Ethical Transformation
  • U-Wen Low, Whitley College, Thesis: Reading Revelation as Drama: Reading and Interpreting Revelation through the lens of Greco-Roman Performance
  • Bernadette Petronella Miles, Stirling Theological College, Thesis: Spiritual direction as an enabling resource for leadership and organizational development for the 21st century
  • Robert John Nyhuis, Stirling Theological College, Thesis: Pentecostal Ministry Formation within Christian Revival Churches (CRC) in Australia: a History, Case Study and Vision
  • Angela Sawyer, Whitley College, Thesis: Reading the exilic theology of Isaiah 40-55 in the context of post-Church Australia
  • Fotini Toso, Pilgrim Theological College, Thesis: Eschatology and Individual Responsibility in Old English Literature

Doctor of Theology

  • Steven Simon Tucker, Catholic Theological College, Thesis: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Nebuchadnezzar through Narrated Time (Dan 1:1–4:34)
    Wang Chee En Samuel, Australian Lutheran College, Thesis: A Lutheran dogmatic assessment of the infant communion debate in the English-speaking world

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