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Note: the live-stream will commence at 5.30pm.


Information for attendees

The event is now sold out. Please bring your ticket (printed, or visible on your electronic device) to gain access to the event on the day. We recommend that you arrive early to get a seat. Doors will open at 5.15pm.
Please note there are steps up to the main entrance of the venue from Collins Street. If you require access to the disabled entrance, please advise Event Manager, Meg Nelson, by email.

About the Event

End of Life Choices: a conversation between two world-renowned bioethicists, Professor Peter Singer and Professor Margaret Somerville.

For Australia and many other countries, a significant contemporary issue is the consideration of legislation enabling voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. With such legislation currently before the Victorian Parliament, there is an urgency for debate with wide community participation, informed by rigorous scholarship at the religion-social policy interface – this is RASP’s, the University of Divinity’s Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy, raison d’etre.

The Centre will bring its expertise and resources to such engagement when, on Thursday 29 June at 5.45-7.45pm, it hosts a major public conversation on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide at the Collins Street Baptist Church. The conversation between world-renowned bioethicists Professors Peter Singer and Margaret Somerville will be chaired by John Cleary, long-time ABC presenter and creator of the original Religion Report. Some 400 members of the public are anticipated to attend and will enrich the conversation through the submission of questions.

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