Advanced Biblical Languages

Advanced Biblical Languages at Catholic Theological College

Brush up, refresh, renew, build your biblical language skills through the units offered at CTC in second semester 2017 commencing 31 July.


AL2505C/3505C/9505C Greek Reading: Epistles (crosslisted to BN)
Lecturer: Dr Catherine Playoust

This unit is designed to consolidate and develop the language skills gained from introductory studies in Koine Greek (New Testament Greek). Students will translate and analyse excerpts of epistles taken predominantly from the New Testament but also from contemporaneous Greek writings. They will revise and extend their
knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, exegesis and textual criticism in the course of this process.

Prerequisites: AL1201C/9201C New Testament Greek A and AL1202C/9202C New Testament Greek B or equivalents


AL2503C/3503C/9503C Hebrew Reading B (crosslisted to BA)
Lecturer: Rev. Dr Kris Sonek op

This unit is designed to enable students with a background in Biblical Hebrew to advance their Hebrew skills through the guided reading of selected Hebrew texts.  Passages will be chosen from both prose and poetic texts. Attention will be given to a morphological and syntactical explanation of the texts as well as text critical
matters, including both modern textual criticism and the Masorah. Building on previous study, students will revise and deepen their knowledge of the phonetics, morphology, and syntax of Biblical Hebrew. They will approach the texts in a more critical manner, looking for “true variants”, their implication for the text tradition, and their applicability to the exegesis of biblical passages.

Prerequisites: AL1101C/9101C Hebrew A and AL1102C/9102C Hebrew B or equivalents
Further Information and Enrolment

Undergraduate: Dr Rosemary Canavan, Academic Dean: Email: rosemary.canavan@ctc.edu.au
Postgraduate: Rev. Dr Kevin Lenehan, Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research Email: kevin.lenehan@ctc.edu.au

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