Professor Darren Cronshaw Appointed Research Director at Stirling College

A Statement from the Stirling College Interim Principal, March 2022

I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Darren Cronshaw as Research Director at Stirling College.

Darren is a well-known and respected academic whose specialist areas of research include missional leadership and spirituality, public theology, leadership development and character formation, church and organisational revitalisation, research methodologies, military ethics, moral injury and soul repair.

Darren writes extensively on missional leadership, public theology, congregational transformation and the engagement of the gospel with culture. His three main books are Dangerous Prayer (Paternoster 2017), Sentness (with Kim Hammond, IVP 2014) and Credible Witness (UNOH 2006). Darren also serves on several editorial committees including Mission Studies, Exchange, Practical Theology and the new book series Faith and Justice in these Lands Now Called Australia.

Concurrent with his role as Stirling College, Darren will continue as Research Director and Professor of Missional Leadership at Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). This is a collaborative partnership between two colleges who are part of the movement called Churches of Christ.

Darren has previously been engaged at Stirling as a student (Foundations in Pastoral Supervision) and adjunct lecturer (Mission in Modern Western Culture). His Doctor of Theology in missiology under the supervision of Dr Ross Langmead was awarded through Whitley College (MCD) in 2009.

Alongside his academic work, Darren is a Chaplain with the Australian Army and Swinburne University. He is also an ordained Baptist pastor and currently serves as Pastor of AuburnLife Baptist Church in Melbourne.

With Professor Cronshaw’s appointment and the strengths he brings to the role, Stirling College will continue its commitment to providing our research students with a learning experience that is academically rigorous and practical in its application.

Join me in warmly welcoming Darren to Stirling College and the University of Divinity.

Steve Sutton

Interim Principal

Stirling College

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