New University of Divinity Style Guide

The University of Divinity is committed to the use of one basic referencing style for theology courses, which is based on the latest version of the Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed. 2017). The interactive Style Guide can be accessed online from the University’s Library Hub. A printable PDF version of the Style Guide is also available from the Library Hub.

The Style Guide is being rolled out across the University during Semester 2, 2020, with each College able to individually determine its implementation start date for the units offered at the College. Students should consult with the unit lecturer for more information.

In study areas such as counselling and education, another form of referencing may be required (e.g. APA). Students should consult with the unit lecturer for more information.

The University of Divinity Style Guide has 3 parts:
I.     Guide to Referencing
1.  Scholarly Works
2. Other Sources
3.  Ancient Text
4.  Bible
5.  Church and Government Documents
II.    Academic Writing
III.   Presenting Assignments

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  • Thank you very much – this is excellent and a great way of giving ready access to students. Thanks to all who put it together and Jason at Whitley college for his tips in Essay writing.
    Mary Coloe, YTU.

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