Mannix Library moving to a new Library Services Platform

On 2nd November 2018, Mannix Library signed an agreement with OCLC and the transition to a new library services platform is now well underway. OCLC is a nonprofit global library cooperative providing shared technology services, original research and community programs so that libraries can better fuel learning, research and innovation. Implementation of OCLC’s WorldShare Management Services (WMS) will occur over the summer break with a go live date set for early 2019. After 20+ years using our previous system, and over a year spent investigating various options, we are now very happy to be moving to a system that we believe will have many benefits for both library staff and library users.

The WMS system is built around OCLC’s WorldCat, the world’s most comprehensive global network of data about library collections and services. The new system will offer many advantages for Mannix library staff including workflow efficiencies, streamlined cataloguing processes, and additional functionality not available in the current library system. Using a system based on internationally-shared library data will allow staff to re-use standard bibliographic, serial, vendor and other data. Mannix Library’s new WorldCat Discovery interface will also be familiar to many users as it will have the same look and feel as the University’s current combined library catalogue – UDCat. The University of Divinity Library Hub already uses another OCLC product (EZproxy) to authenticate users and provide remote access to online resources. Using the same company for UDCat, authentication, and Mannix Library’s new library platform will allow for more streamlined integration between the different systems.

WMS is a cloud-based library services platform that offers all of the applications needed to manage a library. The system is very standards compliant which ensures that cataloguing data is of the highest quality. OCLC also integrates fully with Libraries Australia, the resources sharing service managed by the National Library of Australia which also provides the data that underpin the Trove discovery service. When Mannix Library adds holdings directly to WorldCat, OCLC’s nightly automated process for synchronizing WorldCat holdings with Libraries Australia ensures that our Libraries Australia records are always up-to-date, without the need for any extra intervention by cataloguing staff. This will free up staff time to work on other projects such as the development and promotion of our unique resources and special collections. There were a few other reasons for our decision to move to WorldShare Management Services

  • System upgrades, ongoing support and training on new releases are all included in the annual subscription. There will be no additional costs to ensure we have access to the system’s latest features and functionality.
  • Founded over 50 years ago, OCLC is a globally-recognised company which also has office and support staff conveniently located in Melbourne. The OCLC implementation team have worked co-operatively with us on an accelerated implementation plan to ensure our system will be operational prior to the start of first semester 2019.
  • Ability to perform automated patron loads from TAMS
  • The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) offers a consortium discount for ATLA member libraries that wish to use OCLC WMS. This is the only arrangement that ATLA currently has with a Library Services Platform vendor.
  • OCLC’s WMS system is used by a growing number of libraries around the world including National Libraries (e.g. Canada and New Zealand), as well as many other University, College and Research Libraries.

Mannix Library staff were unanimous in their decision to move to the new library services platform and are all looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that will flow from the implementation of OCLC WorldShare Management Services.

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