Major Keynote Speakers for Church Governance Conference at Yarra Theological Union

Major keynote speakers have been attracted to the conference on Church Governance being held at the Yarra Theological Union on Saturday, 2 March – Sunday, 3 March 2019. These include:

  • Robert Fitzgerald AM, Commissioner on the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Susan Pascoe AM, foundation Commissioner for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, and
  • Sheree Limbrick, inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Catholic Professional Standards Ltd.

Each has played a leading role nationally is driving change and improved governance in Catholic agencies and other not-for-profit providers. The challenges facing those in Church governance include service provision regulations, requirements relating to charitable status, organisational size, financial viability and sustainability, changing government funding models, mergers and amalgamations, the competitive fundraising environment, and the increasing professionalisation of boards.

In this climate, it is critical that those in or preparing for the governance of Catholic entities undertake professional learning in support of their roles. Importantly, besides their corporate accountability, they are accountable for the mission of their Church entity. They need to be qualified to take responsibility for both the civic and canonical aspects of their role.

Further, effective governance in the Catholic sector must be underpinned by a responsiveness to the “signs of the times” to ensure that Church ministries are developed and adapted to meet the needs of the contemporary Church and society. Those governing the ministries must ensure not only that the facilities for which they have responsibility exemplify contemporary best practice but also that they remain ministries of the Church.

The conference, Principles and Practice for Church Governance, is targeted at those in or preparing for Church governance roles. It will increase participants’ understanding of good governance principles and the accountabilities of both civil and canon law.

This Conference will include:

  • The nature of good governance
  • Increase your understanding of the governance principles that underpin your professional responsibilities
  • The relationship between civil and canon law, between church and state
  • Role of law in Catholic organisations
  • Canonical, moral and cultural responsibilities of those in leadership within the Catholic Church
  • Public Juridic Persons
  • Working with the diocesan bishop
  • Accountability and transparency
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