Major Dr David Janssen appointed Academic Dean at Whitley College

Congratulations to Major Dr David Janssen who has been appointed Academic Dean at Whitley College.

David is currently Higher Education Course Coordinator and Lecturer at Eva Burrows College. He has been involved in theological education and formation for more than 10 years in The Salvation Army and has also worked as the Assistant Dean of Studies in the past. David was involved in major educational and managerial shifts at Eva Burrows College and has strong skills in both online developments and educational pedagogy.

David’s research interests include the visual and cognitive dimensions of Pauline texts in the context Empire. In 2020 David completed a PhD thesis, supervised by Associate Professor Keith Dyer and Dr Rosemary Canavan, on visual referents to the Roman Imperial Cuirass Breastplate statues in 1 Thessalonians 5:10 and Romans 13:12.

In announcing the appointment, Reverend Professor René Erwich, Principal of Whitley College, said:

The Whitley Council and I are thrilled to start working with David over the next period!”

David said:

I have a unique affinity for Whitley College having completed my doctoral studies through their research program and recognise the significance of the College’s contribution to the church’s witness. This makes it an ideal place to work and engage in the development of those who also seek to extend their faith and sense of vocation in the church. I am looking forward to contributing to the ongoing development of Whitley’s offerings with a deep commitment to the curriculum of the College and the ministry and pastoral needs of the student body.

The date of David’s commencement at Whitley College will be announced soon.

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