ISCAST 2020 Conversation Series

Don’t let lockdown get you down! Don’t let COVID crush you! Join us for a fascinating series of weekly online conversations. 

This year has been extraordinarily difficult sometimes even verging on the bizarre. While some of us have filled these endless hours working and teaching our kids, others have felt a sense of disconnectedness, been lonely and without purpose.  

What better way to fight the COVID blues than by joining the ISCAST 2020 conversations series? 

Once a week through to mid-December, ISCAST will host a presentation followed by a discussion forum where you are invited to attend and participate. We have lined up a variety of talks on topics such as vaccinations, medical ethics, the economy during COVID, species triage, science as art …  

The conversations will be quite relaxed so please invite people you know who might be interested and in need of friendly discourse. However, for security reasons we do need you to register for the conversations, and then you will receive details of the Zoom links to join any or all the conversations. 

On behalf of ISCAST, I pray that you are all well and keeping safe, 

Dr Sarah Wilson
ISCAST Program Director 

A note about registering for the 2020 ISCAST Conversations

  • Free registration for the 2020 Conversations can be done anytime and is only necessary once.
  • Registration means that you will receive email details of how to join in each of the conversations. It is up to you how many of the conversations you would like to attend.
  • Conversations run every Thursday evening between 24 September and 10 December 2020. See the registration site for details of each event.

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