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Fees and FEE-Help (Semester 2)

When are my Semester 2 fees due?

Student tuition fees for each unit must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the unit.

For upfront fee paying students

The University accepts payment by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard, no surcharge) and BPAY payment. Payment instructions can be found on the second page of the Statement/Invoice, provided by your College Registrar.

For FEE-Help students

Your FEE-Help liability is confirmed at the Census Date for the unit which commences first. For units commencing on 30 July, the census date is 21 August. Any changes to enrolments must be confirmed by the Census Date. If you have any questions concerning FEE-Help, please contact Nooi Chang, or call (03) 9853 3177.

What happens if I don’t pay my fees on time?

If you do not pay your fees to the University as per the Fees Policy, the University will discontinue your enrolment. You will not be authorised to attend classes, use libraries, receive supervision, receive results or re-enrol.

If you have any questions concerning the payment of fees, please contact Jason Gu or call (03) 9853 3177.

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