Evolving Methodologies Conference in Rome, September 25-28

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The 2019 conference of the Study of Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Theology: Evolving Methodologies http://spiritualitas-2019.weebly.com. The conference is being sponsored and held at the OFM Pontifical University Antonianum in Rome, September 25-28. It is jointly organised by the International Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality with the Forum of Professors of Spiritual Theology, Italy. There are three presenters associated with the University of Divinity.

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  • early registration by 30 April 2019, € 10 plus commission (roughly $8 AUD)
  • regular registration by July 31 2019, the final deadline € 20  plus commission (roughly $16 AUD)

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  • early registration by 30 April 2019, € 20 plus commission (roughly $ 16 AUD)
  • regular registration by July 31 2019, the final deadline € 40  plus commission (roughly $ 32 AUD)

Presenters associated with University of Divinity

Denise Goodwin PhD (ACU)

Lecturer, Department Pastoral and General Studies, Catholic Theological College

Qualitative Studies in Theology: The Spirituality of War-Affected Children, Social Science Research Design and the Mutual Critical Correlational Method

Studi qualitativi in teologia: la spiritualità dei bambini colpitidalla guerra e disegno di ricerca secondo le scienze sociali e ilmetodo correlazionale critico reciproco


Bernadette Miles PhD (UD)

Former University of Divinity Lecturer in Spirituality; current PhD Supervisor, Director of Kardia Formation P/L

Ethnographic Spiritual Direction: A methodology for researching spiritual experience

 Direzione spirituale etnografica. Una metodologia per laricerca dell’esperienza spirituale 


Carol McDonough MSp (UD)

Postgraduate Student, Saint Athanasius College

Cultural Portraits of Prayer: Towards an Interdisciplinary Inquiry about Transmitted Prayer Practices

 Ritratti culturali di preghiera. Verso un ’inchiesta  interdisciplinare su pratiche trasmessi di preghiera

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