Dr Brian Macallan appointed Associate Head of Bible, Theology and Ministry at Stirling

Congratulations to Dr Brian Macallan who has been appointed Associate Head of Bible, Theology and Ministry at Stirling Theological College. He also maintains his position as a Senior Lecturer in Theology at the College.

Originally from South Africa, Brian came to Melbourne to lead Connection Church of Christ in 2008. Following this ministry, he was appointed a senior lecturer in theology at Tabor College Victoria. Brian joined the Stirling Theological College faculty in 2014, and has previously served as Director of Online and Learning. Brian began the new role of Associate Head of Bible, Theology and Ministry on 1 July 2020. Brian’s research emphasises the practical connection between faith and life and its impact for the church in its cultural context.

In announcing the appointment, Reverend Dr Graham Joseph Hill, interim Principal of Stirling College, said:

The Stirling Board and I are thrilled about this new role, and about the integrity, skill, and energy that Brian brings to it!

Brian said:

Theological education was one of the greatest gifts I ever received in my life. It helped me navigate personal difficulties along with the challenges of ministry. This new role gives me the opportunity to give that gift back to students and staff in unique and creative ways. My colleagues at Stirling are not only great teachers and scholars, but good and godly people. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them in service to God, the church and community.

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