Janette Elliott (centre) with Chris Monaghan (left) and Peter Sherlock (right)

Distinguished Service Medal awarded to Janette Bredenoord Elliott

Congratulations to Janette Bredenoord Elliott who has been awarded the University of Divinity Distinguished Service Medal by the Council of the University.

The medal was awarded in recognition of Janette’s exceptional service to the University, through her dedication to the role of Registrar at Yarra Theological Union and through her contributions to University committees and events. The Council commended Janette for her gracious professionalism in managing a wide range of processes which support the University’s mission of education and research, and in particular for her care and compassion for people – especially students and staff – throughout all that she has done.

The Distinguished Service Medal is struck from a design by the renowned Australian artist Michael Meszaros and is inscribed with the recipient’s name and the year of award. It is awarded to persons who have rendered sustained and exceptional service to the University of Divinity community.

The medal was presented to Janette at a morning tea on Friday 29 July, with registrars from other colleges and members of staff from Yarra Theological Union and the University of Divinity present.

In her acceptance of the award, Janette said:

“I feel deeply humbled in receiving this award because it symbolises the generous welcome, the trust placed in me, the invitation to creativity, and a witness in a very profound sense of God’s promise “Behold I make all things new,” or in Julian of Norwich’s words – also a promise of God “I shall make all things well… I would not be accepting this aware today if not for your welcome, trust, creativity and witness along with your extraordinary generosity, love, passion and selflessness.”

Janette also thanked those within the University that she has worked particularly closely with:

  • “The amazing network of Registrars past and present
  • All those at MCD/ UD in providing support and assistance all along the way behind the scenes
  • The YTU Admin Team for all their support and care – especially the practical support in day to day operations
  • To Ross Fishburn – as there is no good registrar without a good Dean.
  • To Chris Monaghan, with Ross – my ‘brothers in arms’ in service of YTU
  • To all the YTU Faculty and the Franciscan Friars for their generosity
  • To Noel (my husband), and to Bev and to Maarten (my parents) – This award is for them”

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  • Congratulations Janette on receiving this award for your hard work over many years, and especially for being so welcoming and pleasant always to everyone visiting YTU Admin. You will always be remembered fondly.

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