ANZATS Book Prizes open

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Studies (ANZATS) is launching their inaugural book prizes.

These awards are:

The ANZATS Award for the Best Monograph by an Emerging Scholar

The ANZATS Award for the Best Monograph by an Established Scholar

These awards recognise new scholarly publications that make important contributions to the theological disciplines. The awards honour books of academic rigour, originality and creativity which are deemed by the judges to have the potential to inform significantly the way in which their respective disciplines and/or themes are understood and interpreted.

The ‘theological disciplines’ are understood to include inter alia biblical studies; systematic, historical and constructive theology; ecclesiastical history; pastoral and applied theology (including ethics, liturgics, ministry studies, homiletics); comparative religious studies; and other religious studies not otherwise specified.

The awards shall consist of a certificate and prize money, the monetary value of which shall be determined annually by the ANZATS Council.

Enter by emailing: secretary@anzats.edu.au

More information, including the criteria for submission of each award, can be found on the ANZATS website.

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