Book Launch | Saint Augustine on the Resurrection of Christ


Join members of Catholic Theological College for the launch of Saint Augustine on the Resurrection of Christ: Teaching, Rhetoric, and Reception by Gerald O’Collins SJ AC.

To be launched by Hon. Dr Barry Jones AC

Date/Time: 5.30pm arrival for 6.00pm launch | Thursday 20 July 2017

Venue: Catholic Theological College | 278 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne

Contact and RSVP: Jill Donconvio | Jill.Doncovio@ctc.edu.au

Right into the twenty-first century scholars have examined what St Augustine of Hippo (354–430) taught on the Trinity, freewill and grace, the interpretation of Scripture, the sacraments, and other central themes of Chris-tian faith. Surprisingly, his teaching on Christ’s resurrection from the dead has been long neglected. This book aims to fill this important gap. Gerald O’Collins first sets out what Augustine preached and wrote about Christ’s personal rising from the dead and about the historical and existential evidence for accepting the resurrection. The second half of the book takes up the enduring significance of this teaching and apologetic and, where necessary, updates Augustine’s account of Christ’s resurrection. Now resident scholar at Jesuit Theological College (Parkville, Vic), O’Collins has authored or co-authored nearly seventy books, including eight on the resurrection.

If you are unable to attend the launch, you can purchase a copy of Saint Augustine on the Resurrection of Christ by visiting oup.com.au or by contacting the OUP customer service team. Email: cs.au@oup.com or Telephone:1300 650 616.

Saint Augustine on the Resurrection
of Christ: Teaching, Rhetoric and Reception

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