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ANZATS Student Conference


The 2018 ANZATS Student Conference is your great opportunity to gather together with other students, and present forming scholarship. The event will be held from 10am to 5pm on Sunday, 1 July at St Francis College in Milton, Queensland.

ANZATS Student Conference registration

You can register for this free event by sending confirmation to anzatsstudents@gmail.com


You can propose a paper. Send a 500 word abstract to anzatsstudents@gmail.com by Tuesday, 1 May.

ANZATS Conference

The ANZATS Student Conference will be followed by the ANZATS Conference, from Sunday, 1 July to Wednesday, 4 July. Students are invited to attend worship at 8:30am and the official opening of the ANZATS Conference at 6pm on Sunday, 1 July at St John’s Cathedral. RSVP to Janice McRandal at janicemcrandal@gmail.com. Further details about the ANZATS conference can be found at https://anzats.edu.au/conference

Dr Ben Myers will speak at a formal dinner on Tuesday, 3 July. The cost for the formal dinner is $85.

Register for the ANZATS conference

Onsite accommodation is available at Emmanuel College. Book accommodation.

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