What Counts as a Good Life for a City?

Trinity College Theological School in the University of Divinity and the History and Philosophy of Science Program of the University of Melbourne invite you to a free lecture, during which the following question will be considered:
Why this question? Cities are the world’s engines of economic growth, accounting for 70% of global Gross Domestic Product and even more as the balance of the world’s population tips from 50% to 70% urban between now and 2050.
Come and engage with two scholars addressing this question – bring your interested and available people.

Presenting on the day will be:

Professor of Theological Ethics and Senior Fellow of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke Divinity School,
Duke University North Carolina.

Professor of Urban Policy Studies at The University of Melbourne

Time: 10.00am, 30th September
Location: Theatre B, Old Arts, The University of Melbourne
RSVP: Stephen Ames, sames@unimelb.edu.au
History and Philosophy of Science

Use this link to view the official flyer.

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