University Scholars

The Council of the University of Divinity has established a new office of University Scholar. A University Scholar is a member of the University and entitled to the privileges and responsibilities of membership of the University.

To be eligible for appointment as a University Scholar a person must:
a) be neither a currently enrolled student nor an accredited member of academic staff (including honorary appointments) of the University;
b) agree to abide by the Statement of Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct of Members of the University;
c) demonstrate a commitment to the Vision and Mission of the University.

The nomination of a person to the Vice-Chancellor for appointment as a University Scholar is made by a College of the University. In making a nomination, the College must provide a statement of the person’s expected contribution to the University and to the relevant College. The appointment of a University Scholar is made by the Vice-Chancellor on the nomination of a College for a period of up to three years. Persons appointed as University Scholars are eligible for reappointment.

A University Scholar:
a) is entitled to access library resources of the University
b) is entitled to a University identity card
c) is expected to contribute to the University’s Vision and Mission and to the relevant College through activities such as service of the churches and community
d) must submit a report in the third year of appointment in the form and manner prescribed by the Vice-Chancellor.

For more information: Regulation 79 University Scholars

Nominate a University Scholar

University Scholars Application Form


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