Stephen Burns appointed Professor

Congratulations to Professor Stephen Burns, appointed a Professor of the University of Divinity by the University Council on 7 June 2017. Professor Burns is noted for his outstanding contribution to Research, and Engagement with the Churches and Community.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Sherlock, said that:

“Professor Burns has made an impressive contribution to theological scholarship, holding appointments in three continents. He is an innovative thinker and practitioner, with much-needed expertise in the area of liturgical scholarship and practice. I am delighted that the University’s long tradition of expertise in liturgy will be carried forward by Professor Burns in the years to come.”

The citation for the appointment follows.

Professor Stephen Burns is an internationally recognised expert in liturgical and contextual theologies with an outstanding record as a teacher at Universities on three continents. He is author, editor and co-author of seventeen books and over thirty other articles ranging from liturgical renewal and ministerial formation to theologies of advocacy including postcolonial, feminist and queer perspectives. A member of the North American Academy of Liturgy and the Australian Academy of Liturgy, Professor Burns has shown leadership in the academy in promoting liturgical scholarship. He has been an outstanding practitioner in the engagement and integration of theology in the liturgy and ministry of the Church across an exceptionally wide range of traditions and contexts.

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