Pilgrim Research Lectures

Pilgrim Research Lectures
Over the following dates a lecture will be held in Room G2, Pilgrim Theological College, from 12.45pm-1.45pm. All are welcome to attend and bring their lunch. The Series consists of the following seminars:

11 August – Daniel Kirk, “Jesus: A Man Attested by God”

1 September – Gudrun Loewner, “Interreligious Dialogue: Mogul Emperor Akbar to M.F. Hussain”

8 September – Maryanne Confoy, “Transformation versus Preservation: Contemporary Ecclesial Leadership”

15 September – Jenny Te Paa, “The Politics of Women’s Leadership in Ministry”

6 October – Seferosa Carroll, “Pacific Engagement: Gender, climate change and theological education”

13 October – Geoff Thompson, “Reading Barth, Reading Job”

Please use this link to view the official flyer.

Questions regarding these events can be directed to Fotini Toso, fotini.toso@pilgrim.edu.au

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