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PACIFICA – Australian Theological Studies

Volume 27.3

The University of Divinity is pleased to announce that the new edition of Pacifica Journal has been published, and is available from SAGE, and is accessible here.

The edition features the following articles:


Joan Salazar Infante, ‘Jesus shed tears in frustration: The contribution of dakryō and klaiō to the interpretation of John 11:35′

U-Wen Low, ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ Postcolonialism, mimicry and hidden transcripts in the book of Revelation’

P.A. McGavin, ‘Responding to the Moral Theology Inheritance of Benedict XVI in the Era of Francis I’

Tim Meadowcroft, ‘Eternity and dust? Cancer and the creative God’

T. Brian Mooney and Mark Nowacki, ‘The metaphysical, epistemological, and theological background to Aquinas’ theory of education in the De Magistro’


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