Pacifica June 2014

PACIFICA – Australian Theological Studies

 Volume 27.2

The University of Divinity is pleased to announce that the new edition of Pacifica Journal has been published, and is available from SAGE, and is accessible here.

The edition features the following articles and reviews:


Brendan Byrne, ‘The Qumran Melchizedek Scroll and the Gospel of Mark: Coherence and contrast in soteriology’

Brandon L. Morgan, ‘The absurdity of sin and the creaturely life of faith in Karl Barth’s theological epistemology’

Glen O’Brien, ‘John Wesley, the Uniting Church, and the authority of Scripture’

Glenn B. Siniscalchi, ‘On comparing the resurrection appearances with apparitions’

Darren Cronshaw and Steve Taylor, ‘The congregation in a pluralist society: Rereading Newbigin for missional churches today’

Book Reviews

Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective, (Francis Watson) by Christopher J. Monaghan

Christian Worship: A Theological and Historical Introduction (Glen O’Brien), by Gerard Moore

Why Bother Praying? (Richard Leonard SJ), by Maryanne Confoy

Dreaming A New Earth: Raimon Panikkar and Indigenous Spiritualities (Gerald Hall and Joan Hendriks), by Robyn Reynolds

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