A postcard of soldiers in the front line trench early 1900.
A postcard of soldiers in the front line trench early 1900.

Knox Public Lecture 2018

Catholic Theological College will host its annual Knox Lecture to honour the founder of CTC, James Robert Cardinal Knox, fifth Archbishop of Melbourne.

Knox Public Lecture 2018
What Price Loyalty?: Australian Catholics in the First World War
Time: 7:30pm
Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018
Venue: Catholic Leadership Centre, Cnr Victoria Parade/Hoddle Street, East Melbourne
Speaker: Dr Jeff Kildea

During the First World War the issue of loyalty posed a significant challenge to the Catholic Church in Australia as it attempted to reconcile three sometimes competing loyalties: loyalty to the universal church, loyalty to the nation (a concept then ambiguous and in flux), and loyalty to Ireland.

Dr Jeff Kildea is an adjunct professor in Irish Studies at the University of New South Wales. Formerly a practising barrister at the New South Wales bar, he is the author of Tearing the Fabric: Sectarianism in Australia 1910–1925 (2002), Anzacs and Ireland (2007), Wartime Australians: Billy Hughes (2008) and Hugh Mahon: Patriot, Pressman, Politician (2017) as well as numerous articles on the Irish in Australia including ‘Australian Catholics and conscription in the Great War’ (2002), ‘Called to arms: Australian soldiers in the Easter Rising 1916’ (2003), ‘Paranoia and Prejudice: Billy Hughes and the Irish Question 1916–1922’ (2007) and ‘The Impact of the First World War on Ireland and Australia’ (2015).

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RSVP: Tuesday 8 May 2018 to jill.doncovio@ctc.edu.au or 03 9412 3304

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