Encountering God in Australia Today


Wednesday 15 February at 7.00pm
Stirling Theological College, 44-60 Jacksons  Road, Mulgrave, Victoria
Donation appreciated
Inquiries to Stirling Theological College | ph (03) 9790 1000

Come and hear Dr David Tacey address the possibilities for encountering God in Australia’s remarkable physical environment. Tacey is one of Australia’s remarkable scholars and public thinkers. Among many other interests Tacey is interested in the role of religion and spirituality in society and he has published several books on this subject, including Re-Enchantment and The Spirituality Revolution.

Here is a review of Re-Enchanment written by Michael Leunig.

“The spiritual quest is timeless and ongoing. For David Tacey, the quest incorporates key issues such as the redefining of our human identity, a new consciousness about Aboriginal reconciliation, a recognition of youth culture and its spiritual directions, our quest for environmental integrity, and our responsibility to community and to each other. Ultimately, the quest is for a re-enchantment that enables us to overcome our alienation, allowing us, at the beginning of this new century, to build a more harmonious and integrated Australian society. Here, with great exuberance, is David Tacey’s visionary scholarship and devotion to purpose – clearing away the cobwebs and slander and overburden which have stifled and diminished the culture of spirituality in Australia. “David’s work is not just about spirituality; it is, in its function and its lilt, profoundly spiritual -vibrantly so – in that it cultivates and heartens and defends the deepest, most true and lovely possibilities for this country.”

Stirling Theological College (a college of University of Divinity) has been forming people for leadership and ministry in a wide variety of settings for over 100 years. Stirling’s faculty have proven expertise, experience and well-considered reflections on leadership, ministry and mission. Our high-quality degrees through University of Divinity and our diverse college community guarantees that you will find a stimulating, affirming and challenging environment in which to learn and grow.

David Tacey is an independent scholar who works in the fields of spirituality, religion, psychology, literature and philosophy. He is the author of fourteen books, including The Spirituality Revolution; Edge of the Sacred: Transformation in Australia; and Re-Enchantment: The New Australian Spirituality. Some of his books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and French. He is Emeritus Professor of Humanities, at La Trobe University, Melbourne, and Adjunct Research Professor of Public Theology at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra.


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