Book launch: Suffering in Romans

Dr Siu Fung Wu is an Honorary Postdoctoral Associate at University of Divinity, and Adjunct Lecturer at Whitley College. A recent PhD graduate of the University Dr Wu has published his thesis as a book and it will be launched by Rev Dr Sean Winter.

Most of the Jesus-followers in ancient Rome would have been familiar with socioeconomic hardship. Many lived below or just above subsistence level. Some were slaves, homeless, or chronically sick. Suffering is, of course, a significant theme in Rom 5:1–11 and 8:17, 18–39. Paul mentions various types of affliction many times in these texts. How might Paul’s audience have understood them? Siu Fung Wu argues that Romans speaks of the vocation of the Jesus-followers to participate in Christ’s suffering, with the purpose that they may be glorified with him. It is in their faithful suffering that Christ-followers participate in God’s triumph over evil. This is counter-intuitive, because most people think that victory is won by power and strength. Yet the children of God partake in his cosmic victory by their suffering, aided by the Spirit and the hope of glory.

Date: Thursday, 22 October

Time: 5.30pm

Venue: Whitley College Library

RSVP to registrar@whitley.unimelb.edu.au by Friday October 16th, 4.00pm, for catering purposes

Use this link to access the official event flyer.

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