Book Launch – An Ever Widening Screen

Memoir by Peter Malone MSC to be launched by Mary Scarfe

Date: 7pm on Friday 8th May

Place: Yarra Theological Union, Study Centre, 34 Bedford Street, Box Hill

A flier with further details can be accessed here.

RSVP petermalonemsc@yahoo.co.uk

About the book:

We all have many strands in our lives. In this memoir, Peter Malone takes us through his various strands. He is a man of a certain vintage, mainly Irish heritage. He grew up as a Catholic in a pre-Vatican II Church. His call was to a religious congregation from the late 1950s and to priesthood from the mid-1960s. For many years he worked in religious formation in his congregation and taught theology and Old Testaments Studies, as part of the Melbourne College of Divinity. But, in different ways throughout the years, there was always the cinema strand, reviewing, writing, seminars and heading up the Catholic Church’s international cinema organisation and then SIGNIS, The World Catholic Association for Communication. It is now many films later!

Peter Malone, Missionary of the Sacred Heart, ordained 1965, studied at the Australian National University and the Gregorian, Rome. He taught Old Testament studies as well as media at the Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne, and worked at the National Pastoral Institute and the Heart of Life Spirituality Centre. He has reviewed films since 1968 and written and lectured on cinema and spirituality.

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