ANZATS 2016: Call for Papers

The theme of the 2016 ANZATS Conference is the Atonement

The Conference Planning Committee is pleased to invite all members of ANZATS, and the theological and wider academic community to submit the title of their proposed presentation at this conference, together with an abstract of 250-300 words (full submission criteria is listed in this document)

Given how central the Cross of Christ is to the Christian faith, no doctrine is more freighted with contested interpretations than the atonement. The subject invites speculation not only with regard to how we are made right with God through Christ, but what ‘being made right’ even means. In today’s post-Christian environment, how can the Churches speak meaningfully about the benefits of the Cross? And how do the Churches speak to one another on the same issue?

This conference invites papers from all theological disciplines which reflect on these and related issues.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Serene Jones

Rev Dr Serene Jones

The Rev Dr Serene Jones is the 16th President of Union Theological Seminary in New York, and the first female to hold that position. Professor Jones was appointed President of Union after seventeen years teaching at Yale University.

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