Alan Niven awarded Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal was awarded by the Council of the University of Divinity to Alan Andrew Niven.

The following citation was adopted by Council on 23 November 2016:

The Reverend Dr Alan Andrew Niven has rendered distinguished service to the University of Divinity as a teacher, research advocate, supervisor, mentor, ecumenist and visionary.  He has been a leading academic at Stirling Theological College in the disciplines of pastoral theology and spiritual care.  He was a founding member and leader of the Institute for Christian Spirituality and Pastoral Formation, and ensured that it took its place as a College of the University, now known as the Jesuit College of Spirituality.  Through conferences, peer support, and networking he has helped orient the University towards close working relationships with new partners and agencies in the areas of spirituality, pastoral care and multi-faith cooperation. Alan’s legacy is evident in the many hundreds of his former students who in their diverse ministries exhibit an integrated theology of spirituality, pastoral care, personal health, mission and ecclesiology.  At all times he has carried and promoted the University of Divinity with distinction.

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