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Worship 3.0

Semester 2, 2021 at Whitley College

The COVID-19 context has affected our ways of being church and also our ways of worshipping together. Over the past year, many churches moved online: for some, this was a difficult transition, while others saw it as an opportunity to experiment and try new things. In Worship 3.0, we consider what comes next. What are the biblical drivers for worship? How do we apply those in our current context? What tools do we have? And how do we link our worship practices to our role in today’s society? All these questions and more will be explored using a case study approach, ensuring each student completes this unit armed with a toolbox of ideas and approaches that will equip them for whatever comes next.

Unit details

College Whitley College
  • Rev Prof René Erwich
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face
Unit Code
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