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The New Testament Foundations of Ignatian Spirituality

Jesuit College of Spirituality is pleased to announce a brand new unit to be taught in Semester 2, 2019.

The New Testament Foundations of Ignatian Spirituality will be taught by Dr Sarah Cook. This unit is designed to develop in the students an ability to engage in an informed critical reading of New Testament texts as sacred scripture. It aims to enable students to broaden and deepen their engagement with the New Testament in a spirit of open and critical inquiry by drawing on a wide range of exegetical tools of interpretation. Students will also learn to evaluate and relate the literature of the New Testament, its literary forms and historical setting, as well as its representation of God, to the literature, literary forms and representation of God in the Spiritual Exercises.

The unit is being delivered face-to-face and online (Wednesday mornings in Semester 2); and is cross-listed in the disciplines of Biblical Studies, New Testament and Spirituality.

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