Paula Modersohn-Becker's (1907) 'The Good Samaritan', a person in a green tunic, holds the face of a bearded man slumped against a tree, as figures walk past in the background.
Paula Modersohn-Becker (1907) 'The Good Samaritan'

The Gospel According to Luke

Semester 2, 2021 at Pilgrim Theological College

Dive deep into the rich themes and theology of Luke’s Gospel with our Semester 2 unit, being taught this year by Rev Dr Kylie Crabbe.

From the outset, Luke’s Gospel is framed as a response to many other accounts (Lk 1.1-4), but what’s important for the writer of the third gospel when it comes to putting together a new narrative about Jesus? Taking an in-depth look at Luke in its historical context, we will explore themes such as inclusion and exclusion, hospitality, wealth, identity, ethnicity, disability, and gender (attending to both ancient and modern norms), noting how these intersect with Luke’s theology and purpose. Attention will be given to how Luke’s theology relates to his use of prophecy, account of justice, salvation, and end-time hope, and how this theology speaks to the contemporary church and world.

Unit details

Lecturer Rev Dr Kylie Crabbe (Associate Faculty)
Level Level 2 and Level 9
Study Mode Face to Face
Unit Code (with link to UMS) BN2050P


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