Stirling’s Winter School Online starts 11 May

Begin your university experience or get ahead in your existing course this winter at Stirling Theological College! Experience world-class online education, interactive video lectures, self-paced online study options, and opportunities to build new relationships with lecturers and other students.

Our online units provide an ideal pathway for people to grow in their faith, ministry skills, and biblical understandings.

All units are delivered online from Mon 11 May to Fri 7 August 2020
Applications close: Fri 8 May
Orientation: 6pm-7pm Mon 11 May

(CT2/3/9702S) Jesus’ Identity, Mission and Impact

Gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what his mission is, and the impact of Jesus on the world and in history.

Dr Graham Joseph HillDr Brian Macallan, and Sarah Bacaller

Delivered fortnightly on Wednesday nights: 
Commencing 6pm-8pm 13 May

Unit details and admission requirements 

(CT2/3/8724S) A Theology of Suffering and Hope

In this unit you’ll explore diverse answers to the question, “Why does God permit evil and suffering?”, and have the chance to articulate your own perspectives on suffering, informed by Scripture and theology.

Dr John Capper and Steve Poisat 

Delivered fortnightly on Monday nights:
Commencing 7pm-8pm 11 May and 6pm-8pm thereafter

Unit details and admission requirements 

(BS1/8001S) Bible for Life and Ministry

Explore the Old and New Testaments including their background and the historical and geographical context of the ancient near eastern world.

Dr Angela Sawyer

Delivered fortnightly on Wednesday nights: 
Commencing 6pm-8pm 20 May

Unit details and admission requirements 

(DP2/3/9004S) Pastoral Care in Loss 

Learn about the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dynamics of loss, whilst developing pastoral skills for working with people experiencing loss.

Dr Chris Turner

Guest Contributor: With guest appearances from Pádraig Ó Tuama

Delivered fortnightly on Monday nights: 
Commencing 6pm-8pm 18 May

Unit details and admission requirements 


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