St Gregory the Theologian – new unit at SAC in 2022 by Prof. John Behr

This illustrious fourth century Church Father (329–391) was one of the most prolific theologians in the history of Christianity. A bishop, theologian and poet, his theology of the Trinity and the Incarnation in particular, shaped Christian spirituality, and the depth and beauty of his writings offer practical wisdom even to the present day. Through his unique poetical autobiography and eloquent confessional works, his vivid and utterly human personality is revealed.

It takes no one less than the distinguished patristic scholar Professor John Behr, to introduce us to St Gregory and to take us on a journey to the very heart of the fourth century; one of the most dynamic and fascinating of ancient centuries and in some ways most relevant to our own.

Teaching this unit at SAC for the first time, Fr John Behr is one of the foremost authorities on Patristics. An Eastern Orthodox priest, he holds the position of Regius Chair in Humanities at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and prior to that was Dean at St Vladimir’s Seminary in New York. A prolific writer, he has authored a number of books on theology and patristics; his latest publications include a new critical edition and translation of Origen’s On First Principles (OUP, 2017), and John the Theologian and His Paschal Gospel: A Prologue to Theology (OUP, 2019). Fr John is a sessional lecturer in Patristics at SAC and has offered units on The School of Alexandria and Sacred Texts from the Second Century.

Unit details

This online unit will consist of a 4-week intensive component (19/08/22 – 10/09/22) and can be studied at undergraduate or postgraduate levels or can be audited. For further details about the unit, please go to sac.edu.au/timetable/For enquires please contact us at enquiries@sac.edu.au

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