“The Great Commission” by Sri Lankan artist Nalini Jayasuriya

Semester 2 unit | Transforming Pastoral Leadership: A Case Study Approach

This unit explores skills and issues in congregational leadership. A variety of real-life ministry case studies will be presented for students to engage. Through experiential methodology students will identify issues, explore a variety of responses, and engage in critical reflection about the theological and pastoral dimensions of each case. A variety of congregational and pastoral issues will be explored, eg. leadership for change, addressing conflict, gender and power, vision and planning.

The unit is class-based on Tuesday evenings, from 6.00 to 9.00pm.

Lecturer Dr Lynn Moresi
Level Undergraduate (Level 3) and Postgraduate (Level 9)
Study Mode Face-to-face
Unit Code DP3060W

Scheduled face-to-face classes will be conducted in remote mode (via Zoom) until distancing restrictions ease and appropriate procedures can be implemented to ensure safe learning environments for staff and students.


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