Semester 2 unit: Theological Frameworks for the Spiritual Exercises

Reverend Dr James Hanvey SJ

This unit will assist supervisors and spiritual directors to develop a deeper appreciation of the range of theological worlds that serve as a background and context to the Spiritual Exercises. This unit explores how images of God (theological and Christological frameworks) emerged from Ignatius particular context – historical, familial, religious affiliation, educational, social, linguistic and cultural. The unit offers theoretical and historical frameworks for a responsible theological and spiritual interpretation of the Spiritual Exercises; it also offers a range of possibilities and strategies for communicating the key content in a contemporary context.

The unit will be delivered by local academics: Reverend Dr Robin Koning SJ, Reverend Dr Gerry Healy SJ, Reverend Dr Ai Pham SJ, Dr Michael Loughnane and Professor Maryanne Confoy RSC (as well as a number of recorded lectures by Reverend Dr James Hanvey SJ that will be shown in class (and available to online students).
This unit is cross-listed in the disciplines of Systematic Theology (CT) and Spirituality (DS).

Unit Code CT8261J | CT8269J | DS8261J | DS8269J
Level Postgraduate
Study Mode Face to face and online
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Mid-year enrolments are now open.

This unit is due to run in semester 2, 2019. To find out more about the unit, enrolments, or to make an appointment to meet with a course advisor, please contact the College.

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