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Semester 2 unit | Themes and Trends in Global Theology and World Christianity

Are you interested in studying global theology and World Christianity in a fully online unit in 2nd Semester of 2022? You can do this unit from anywhere in the world!

Stirling College is offering an exciting unit called “Themes and Trends in Global Theology and World Christianity”. You can take the subject at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This unit studies the expansion of Christianity in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, and more. It helps you explore the exponential growth of the churches in those contexts and the critical lessons for your local church and its mission and ministry.

In this unit students will explore theological and practical themes and trends in global theology and World Christianity. The unit helps students examine theological, missiological and ecclesiological themes developing among Majority World Christians (sometimes called the Third World or the Global South), Indigenous Christians (especially Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Native American, and First Nations), and diaspora Christians. This unit studies the expansion of Christianity in the Majority World, and the implications for contextual and global theology and for World Christianity. Students will explore the implications of themes and trends in World Christianity for their own theology, mission, church, and context.

Unit details

College Catholic Theological College
Lecturer Rev Assoc Prof Graham Hill
Level Level 2 & 3 undergraduate

Level 9 postgraduate

Study Mode Online – synchronous
Unit Codes DM2709S – undergraduate

DM3709S – undergraduate

DM9709S – postgraduate

You can study this unit in an award (Diploma, Bachelor, and Master’s levels) from anywhere in the world. Contact Stirling College for details: info@stirling.edu.au

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