Semester 2 unit: Gospel Narratives in Ignatian Contemplation

Reverend Dr Richard Leonard SJ

The unit will explore the relationship between Gospel narratives and contemporary life situations. A key focus will be on the role of the imagination in prayer, as outlined by Saint Ignatius. When an exercitant prays over a Gospel passage, he or she enters fully into it as a participant. Through the joint lenses of Ignatian Spirituality and human narratives as played out in film, the following areas of theological inquiry and interdisciplinary issues are covered: christology, ecclesiology, the problem of evil, Christian response to sacrifice and death, theology and culture, pastoral ministry, sacraments, church history, spirituality and ethics: just war theory; capital punishment; and the nature of conscience.

The unit will also explore and analyse the ways in which the cinema can provide examples of imaginative prayer techniques that connect scenes in particular films with some key narratives and themes within Gospel narratives and the Spiritual Exercises. It will explore the psychology of the human imagination and its relevance to the practice of prayer in life, work and ministry.

Unit Code DS9071J | DS9079J
Level Postgraduate
Study Mode Face to face and online
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Mid-year enrolments are now open.

This unit is due to run in semester 2, 2019. To find out more about the unit, enrolments, or to make an appointment to meet with a course advisor, please contact the College.

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