Semester 2 unit | Saints and Sinners: Women in Late Antiquity

This unit will enable students to address at an advanced level historical issues involved in women’s roles, position and status in Late Antiquity (the period of transition from the ancient to the medieval world, 3rd to 8th century CE), and attitudes towards them. The focus of the unit will be women in Egypt and Byzantium. By reading selected primary sources, this unit will engage with some of the most powerful and influential women in antiquity and analyse the roles these women played in religious and theological debates, the home, and social and economic life

Unit details

College St Athanasius College
Lecturer Dr Lisa Agaiby

Dr Katherin Papadopoulos

Level Level 3 Undergraduate

Level 8 Postgraduate Elective

Study Mode Face-to-face

Online – Synchronous

Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm

Unit Codes AH3150A – Undergraduate

AH9150A – Postgraduate

Contact Registrar Rev Dr Peter Dobson at pdobson@sac.edu.au for information on how to enrol.

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