Semester 2 unit: Picturing and Proclaiming the New Testament

Major David Janssen

Building on skills in historical-critical and narrative criticism, this unit will introduce recent developments in biblical exegesis and hermeneutics which apply visual and oral material from the ancient world to the interpretation of New Testament texts.

The associated methods will be applied to particular texts providing opportunities to consider various aspects of the New Testament in its cultural milieu. Consideration will be given to the way in which an understanding of the social context and communal practices of the ancient world assists in examination of early Christian communities. The support and challenges that these methods present to mainstream methods of text-focused exegesis will be explored in light of their assumptions and limitations. Implications of this hermeneutic for proclamation of the Gospel in the contemporary world will also be considered.


Unit Code BN3398B | BN3798B
Level Undergraduate level 3
Study Mode Face to Face (Thursday mornings)


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This unit is due to run in semester 2, 2019. To find out more about the unit, enrolments, or to make an appointment to meet with a course advisor, please contact the College.

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