Semester 2 unit | Philosophy for Beginners: Wisdom for Life

Why think, and what difference does it make to the shaping of living?  Is there a common good, and if so what can we know about it?  Are we free, determined, or something more complex?  On what lines should society be politically organised?  What is the logic of a good argument?  Is it reasonable believe in the existence of God?  What justification do claims to ‘religious experience’ have as public arguments for the existence of God?  What can be reasonably claimed about the miraculous?  In addressing some of the most significant issues in the history of Western philosophy, students will be introduced to many of the most significant writings and thinkers within the study of the philosophical traditions.

Lecturer Prof John McDowell
Level 1, 2, 8
Study Mode Face-to-face, and online
Unit Code (with link to UMS) AP1000A 


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