Semester 2 unit | Introduction to the New Testament

This unit provides an introduction to the New Testament through collaborative and engaged learning. The four Gospels, the letters of Paul and the other writings are set in their social and cultural context in the ancient world, a context very different from our own. We look at the texts themselves and their meaning, studying how and when they were written. We explore the different ways the writers communicate to their readers and to persuade them: through narrative, rhetoric and symbolism. Last of all, we examine the way modern scholars approach these texts, what theology emerges from them, and how they can be interpreted for today in relation to community, spirituality, justice, ecology, and gender. This is an equally appropriate unit for those who know something about the New Testament and wish to explore further and those who know nothing and are keen to learn.

Lecturer Reverned Canon Professor Dorothy Lee
Level Level 1; Level 8
Study Mode Face-to-face


Unit Code (with link to UMS) BN1000T (Face-to-face)

BN1009T (online)

BN8000T (Face-to-face)

BN8009T (online)

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