Semester 2 unit | Introducing Catholic Theology

This unit introduces students to the meaning, purpose, methods and content of theology in the Catholic tradition. It examines those elements which together constitute a balanced and comprehensive engagement in the search for a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. The unit will consider several theological themes. Particular attention will be given to the Second Vatican Council’s understanding of revelation, faith, scripture, tradition, and the teaching office of the Church. The unit offers students the opportunity to reflect theologically on the Christian faith and to apply the theological reflection to the Church’s mission in the Australian multi-religious and non-religious context.

Unit details

College Catholic Theological College
Lecturer Dr Birute Arendarcikas RSM
Level Level 1 undergraduate

Level 8 postgraduate

Study Mode Online – Synchronous or face-to-face

Wednesdays 6pm-9pm

Unit Codes CT1100C – undergraduate

CT8100C – postgraduate

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