Semester 2 unit | Interreligious dialogue in a multi-religious society

Semester 2 unit at Yarra Theological Union

The unit is designed to explore the significance of inter-religious dialogue in a multi-religious context. It will underline the theological unity based on the common origin and destiny of all, the divine Mystery, Who is in dialogue with humanity.

The unit will examine biblical and theological foundations for inter-religious dialogue. It will also address related challenges and opportunities as well as engage in some actual dialogue leading to a harmonious society in the Australian context and beyond.

Unit details

College Yarra Theological Union
Lecturer Thien Nguyen
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face

Online – Synchronous

Thursdays 6pm-9pm

Unit Codes DM3014Y – Face to Face

DM3014Y – Online – Synchronous

DM9014Y – Face to Face

DM9014Y – Online – Synchronous


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