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Semester 2 unit | Exploring the New Testament with Mark’s Gospel

This unit introduces students to the study of the New Testament through a detailed investigation of one of its books, the Gospel of Mark. Students will examine this Gospel’s structure, genre, themes, and socio-historical context, and will thereby develop foundational skills and knowledge for interpreting Mark’s Gospel and other New Testament books.

The unit also provides an introduction to broader issues in New Testament study: how early Christians shared the good news of Jesus, both orally and by writing the books that were collected as the New Testament; the names and types of the books of the New Testament; features of some New Testament books beyond the Gospel of Mark; and how the Catholic Church understands the inspiration and canonicity of the New Testament today.

Unit details

College Catholic Theological College
Lecturer Dr Catherine Playoust

Rev. Paul Rowse OP

Level Level 1 undergraduate

Level 8 postgraduate

Study Mode Online or blended mode

Monday 6pm – 9pm 2 hours online synchronous and one hour online asynchronous per week


Tuesday 2pm – 5pm 2 hours face-to-face and 1 hour online asynchronous per week

Unit Codes BN1001C


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