Semester 2 unit | Children’s Ministry

Children are an integral part of the community of faith and if you have a special interest, or role, in nurturing children in their faith, then our Children’s Ministry unit just what you need.

You will learn to understand the changing perspectives of children as they mature and develop and how adults, teachers, and carers can work with children to help them flourish.

This unit will explore developmental stages and cultural contexts as well as duty of care. You’ll also develop a framework to evaluate and implement effective approaches to children’s ministry.

Unit details

College Eva Burrows College
Lecturer Major Dr Christine Unicomb
Level Level 2 Undergraduate
Study Mode Online – Synchronous
Unit Codes DP2303B – Undergraduate

Contact Registrar Norman at registrar@ebc.edu.au to enrol in this dynamic unit or visit our website for more information.

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